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5 Reasons to Inspire you to Visit Utah – Beehive State

Arches National Park

I have been living in Utah for a little over a year now. I am totally loving this place and would definitely recommend everyone to visit Utah. If you like outdoors, hiking, nature and adventure sports then you should definitely visit Utah. Utah is a hidden gem of the USA.

These are my 5 reasons to inspire you to visit Utah —

1.National Parks of Utah

There are 5 national parks in UT alone to be precise. Each park has its own uniqueness and beauty. Hoodoos are a specialty of Bryce Canyon National Park. The hoodoos look amazing and it is the best seen during sunset when the sun rays reflect the red color of the hoodoos.

Hoodoos at the Bryce Canyon National Park

Angel’s Landing Hike at the Zion National Park is one of America’s toughest hikes ever. One step wrong and you are gone for good. However the view from the top is one the best ever views you can ever get. You can check my detailed post for Angel’s Landing Hike here. I have included as much as information and tips to make this hike easy for you.

Angels Landing Hike

Delicate Arch of the Arches National Park is one of the most photographed arches in the world. The best time would be to watch a beautiful sunset from this point. You can check my detailed post for Delicate Arch Hike and Arches NP here.

Delicate Arch at the Arches National Park
Arches National Park with the snow capped mountains in the background

You can watch the canyons endlessly in Canyonlands National Park. You can check my post for Canyonlands here.

Canyonlands National Park
Mesa Arch at Canyonlands National Park – Islands in the Sky

Go explore the petroglyphs in Capitol Reef National Park. Click here for my detailed post on Capitol Reef.

Petroglyphs @Capitol Reef National Park
Petroglyphs @Capitol Reef National Park

2. Bonneville Salt Flats

Two hours from Salt Lake City is the Bonneville Salt Flats. You would just feel that the nature has put a mirror everywhere. So pristine and clear and way too many reflections to capture. You can check out my post for Bonneville Salt Flats.

Reflections at the Bonneville Salt Flats

3. Park City

2002 Winter Olympics took place in Park City and it is a perfect place for winter sports. You can even take skiing classes in case you don’t know how to ski. It is also known as Best snow on Earth and there are many winter ski resorts which are usually full during winter. Sundance film festival takes place annually in Park city.

Park City View

4.Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake is one of the largest salt water bodies in Western Hemisphere. They also refer it to as America’s Dead Sea. This lake has close to 27% of salinity which makes you to float. You can visit this lake in Antelope Island State Park or Great Salt Lake State Park. You will always come across elks, moose, deers , bisons. Rattlesnakes are common in Utah and are one of the most dangerous snakes in the world in Antelope Island state park.


5. Hiking, Camping and Fishing

You can hike a different trail each day and still you would not be able to complete all of them. If you are looking for peak bagging then Utah offers wonderful and most beautiful hikes throughout the year. Utah has so many national parks and state parks which allow you to camp free in most places. Camping is fun, isn’t it? Fishing is allowed in most of the water bodies. Just make sure you have a valid license for fishing.

Thank for visiting! If you have any questions / suggestions / feedback you can comment below or send me an email. I would love to hear back from you.

Have a nice day!


16 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Inspire you to Visit Utah – Beehive State

  1. I love Utah! I make the road trip from San Diego to Utah two or three times every year. Zion National Park is one of our favorites, and Angels’ Landing was an incredible hike. The view from the very top is absolutely amazing! Driving through the Virgin River Gorge is also spectacular.

  2. Looks nice. I love national parks in general, all that nature that you can enjoy. Can only imagine how wonderful it is to hike in Utah! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Utah looks amazing! I’ve only ever been to Salt Lake City to go to Park City for skiing. It looks like I need to go back to see some nature when its not covered in snow!

    1. Utah is amazing ! You should come back for another trip 🙂 so many things to do here … Spring and Fall are very cool and summers do get hot but not like Vegas . Its manageable. You can also check my other posts about Utah 🙂

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