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25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Tulip Festival, Utah!

Tulip Festival, Utah

Tulip festivals,Utah are held every year in Ashton Gardens, Lehi. They are a bit expensive but worth the visit. You would find approximately 250,000 tulips here. You would also find many other Spring flowers. I am very crazy about Tulips hence you will find very few pictures other than Tulips. Tulip Festival is a perfect outing with kids and pets. You can walk all along the boardwalk for most of the way and there are food trucks with loads of options. There is also an open amphitheatre called the ‘Waterfall Amphitheatre’ with live performances going on and if you are in Utah then you should try to visit this colorful place which will surely make you happy. Dont forget to get your cameras.

  • Time required: 4 hours
  • Entry fees: 20$ per adult, 17$ for kids under 12 years and seniors.
  • Other details: It is held between April 1st weekend to May 1st weekend and they are closed on Sundays.
  • Timings: 9 am – 8 pm every day
  • More details: Click here

Photos –

Below are my most favorite pictures from Tulip festival, Utah.



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  1. How lovely your photos are. I think the thing that makes tulips and similar spring flowers so magical is that they are fleeting. With just that one month to visit this festival and see these amazing gardens, they are made that much more special. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

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