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A Weekend in San Diego, California

San Diego Skyline from Coronado Island, San Diego, California

Praveen and I decided to travel to San Diego for my birthday. Praveen lived in LA at that time and we drove down to visit San Diego. We chose to drive on famous Highway 1 Classic route. We decided to do LA – SD round trip at one time as we can not take too many leaves from our full time job. You can also check out my blog post on Highway 1 Road trip here. You can also look at my Los Angeles itinerary here.

I had booked my flight to LA as usual, I guess a month ago in advance. As always my choice was Southwest for their dead cheap rates for economy seat.  As I arrived the airport on time, went through security checks and finally reached the gate.

My flight to Los Angeles was cancelled due to very few passengers. After a discussion with Southwest, they arranged a flight to Oakland for few of us. Now I was really disturbed as I was never ready for this and next day early morning Praveen and I had to drive to SD. I was all exhausted and tired. I just grabbed a coffee and opened my sketchbook to doodle. I would doodle waiting for the flight at the gate and it would continue in the flights too. This is my way of utilizing the waiting time.

Doodling at the SLC Airport.

Doodling kind of relaxes me. As I landed at Oakland airport, I had to wait again at the gate for another hour for the flight.

It was close to 2.30 am by the time I reached Praveen’s place. I was very tired but also enthusiastic to see him after a very long time.

Day 1: Sea World

I guess we started around 9.00 am. We took a quick Starbucks break in between and listening to radio and chatting we made our way to “So-Cal”.

We ate our favorite Maggi noodles at home so we directly headed to Sea World. Since it was summer, we actually had the advantage of staying up late till 9.00 pm. There was no dearth of sunlight as the sun would set close to 9.30 pm-ish. We tried all the rides in Sea World. We even went for the whale, seal and dolphin shows. They were too good and entertaining.

(Clockwise from top Left) Dolphin high up in the air, Praveen and me in front of Seaworld Sign, Whale show, Praveen is getting a fish therapy done, Flamingoes, Seal Show.

Day 2: La Jolla Cove, Balboa Park, Old Town, Coronado Island, Mexico Border

We first drove to La Jolla Cove as from our hotel. Usually Praveen always want to drive and see the place then we search for a parking spot. So we usually would know what to expect.

La Jolla Cove is a very small beach, tucked between sandstone cliffs and because of its curves and caves, this is one of the most photographed beaches in SO-CAL. Trust me the view was marvelous and I wished I had enough time to spend a day. Sea lions and birds inhabit the rocks there. As you come closer to the LA Jolla Cove you would hear the sea lions roaring. The roaring will get louder as you keep getting close to the sea lions. (on the cliffs). Kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and diving is allowed in La Jolla. We had a tough time searching for parking on the streets. It is usually full most of the time. Planning to come early would be a good idea, as we lost nearly 20 minutes in searching of parking.

We walked on the beautiful streets. I literally fell in love with those small crowded streets. Those antique buildings added to the beauty and those wonderful little flowers which had grown on most of the buildings made it more special.

We just found this statue on the way

We then drove around exploring San Diego in our car. Our car is extremely special to us as we have traveled with it all over Florida, California, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. For lunch we stopped somewhere close to Balboa Park. I wanted to have Indian cuisine this time and it had a wonderful interiors quite different from the one I saw in other parts of US. It was colorful and spicy full of varieties.

(Clockwise from top Left) A random flower, San Diego Skyline from Coronado Island, A random street click, Balboa park, Praveen and I in front of SD sign some where near to Balboa Park.

Coronado Island

We took CA 75-S to Coronado island. This is the only way to come here. We spent lot of time here. The weather was perfect; hence we decide to walk along the coast. This is also the good place to watch the San Diego Skyline. There is also a golf course here and it also makes up for a great picnic spot.

Going South will take you to Mexico

Post a quick break, we decided to go further south of I5 as we wanted to see the last exit on this highway. I don’t remember clicking a pic for this. But we both remember seeing the board “Last exit on US“ We were a little tensed as we did not want to cross the border at the same and then we would never have any way of coming back. We chose to stop by at a random place from where we could see the Mexico border. I couldn’t imagine being so close to the border. This was my first experience.

We then chose to drive and explore Old Town, San Diego. On the way back to LA.

Old town San Diego

Old Town Trolley

Other places in San Diego:

1.      San Diego ZOO

We were not so keen to visit the San Diego Zoo, hence we skipped it. We had previously lived in Mysore, a City in South India. It houses a huge zoo with mostly all kinds of animals and reptiles. I will do a separate blog post for the same.

2.      Pacific Beach

We have been to n number of beaches both in LA, Miami and western part of India. This is why we decided to skip this place.

3.      Cabrillo Monument

We ran out of time, hence decided to skip this too; as I had an early morning flight from LA to SLC.

4.      USSD Airfare Museum

Neither Praveen nor I are a big fan of the museums. We always tend to skip museums as much as possible.

5.      LEGOLAND

It is a Lego themed family park mainly for kids.

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Have a nice day!

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