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Solo Guide to New York City! 

New York

The first city that comes to everyone’s mind when you tell about USA is New York. It’s so famous among the Indians and also hosts our major crowd. Living in NY is still my tiny dream as I totally related this place to Mumbai – the place where I grew up!

The amount of crowd though can be daunting to those who dislike crowds. It’s filled up to the extent that it’s difficult to drive too on NY roads.

New York
The crowd and the famous NYC taxi

I had my share of fun and getting lost. But it really did help me in a way! I went to NY to meet my aunt. Due to an unexpected emergency, she couldn’t come to JFK airport.  She however advised me to hire a taxi to her place. I thought it was pretty simple to come out of the airport , hire a taxi and I would be home.

As I landed and arrived at the gate, I was trying to locate the exit of course. Though I walked so much, I still had no sight of the exit and later I was tired too as I did not sleep in the overnight flight, I decided to stop by and ask someone.

New York
New York Doodle I drew in the flight.! Now you know why I was awake whole night!.

Now this guy told me to go in the opposite direction and again I walked so much. By now going round and round in airport itself, I just landed in the same place. Then I just sat down in the empty seats available and relaxed for a while and finally somehow managed to talk to few airport personnel and they directed me to use the subway and take a bus to the place where my aunt lived. I followed their directions and finally reached the said destination and the total amount I paid was like 10$ compared to the 60$ I would have paid to the taxi. Obviously my aunt and cousin were surprised to hear this as this is my first time visit to NY.

Day 1: Brooklyn Bridge and sunset over NYC skyline.

New York

I relaxed the whole day in my aunt’s home. We later went to watch the sunset in Brooklyn bridge. The most amazing sunset over New York City’s skyline is something I will always cherish.

New York
Love locks tied on the Brooklyn Bridge

New York

New York
Sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge with the Statue of Liberty so far away!

Day 2: Manhattan downtown

I had been on guided tours before, but since considering the enormous NYC crowd, I decided to go with Big Bus Tours. This eliminated my tension for parking, finding an inexpensive parking and trying to remember the place where you parked. :D:D

  • Cruise to Statue of Liberty

New York
Statue of Liberty as seen from the cruise. I don’t think I could have got a better view from visiting the Ellis island.

It was a 30 minute cruise circling the Ellis island.  I never really felt that I should visit the Ellis island separately. This cruise was included in my Big Bus tour itself and so I never spent anything extra on this.

New York
New York Skyline from the cruise.
  • Charging Bull and New York Stock Exchange

New York

New York Stock Exchange/ Wall Street is located at 10 mins walking distance from the Charging Bull (located in Financial District). After so much time waiting in the queue, I finally managed to squeeze in for a pic. No queues were maintained and all wanted a pic with the bull. Praveen visited New York in 2011.

New York
This is one of the mandatory poses with the Charging Bull … Lol
  • One World Observatory

New YorkIf you would like to get a view of New Jersey and Manhattan both, then this place offers a good one. But it does have lot of tourists and waiting in the queue does not have an option. The price isn’t so pocket friendly, but I did not want to miss the view.

  • Ground Zero

New York

9/11 changed the New York skyline forever. Ground Zero commemorates the 9/11 twin tower attacks and 1993 WTC bombings. So many lives were lost on those fateful days. There is also a museum in its memory.

  • Empire State Building

New York

If I had to suggest from One World Observatory and Empire state building, I would vote for Empire state building of course. I loved chasing the sunset here, I actually felt the views are better from here. I just went till the 86th floor but you can still go further up until 102nd floor.

New York

It can get windy here,so do not forget a light jacket with you.

View from Empire State Building when Praveen visited in the year 2011!
  • Times Square

New York

How can you be in New York City and miss the Times Square! No way! Most happening place and so crowded, this place reminded me of Mumbai. Those taxis, huge crowds crossing the streets and so many other things.

New York

Day 3: Rockefeller Centre, Fifth Ave and Brooklyn Bridge Park

  • Rockefeller Centre

I just strolled around here for quite some time. It was busy day with so many people.

New York
You feel so proud whenever you come across your country flag!
  • Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is considered among the most expensive and best shopping streets not only in New York but in the world. So you can imagine my excitement when I was standing here and walking the streets of Fifth Avenue.

New York

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park

New York
An attempt to capture the Brooklyn bridge and NY skyline together.

This was my best decision to come here and visit this place. This was my most favorite place in my entire trip. It was so calm and I was away from the maddening crowd.

New York
Hardly anyone here.

New York

Finally my trip came to an end. I loved New York in spite of the crowd, the noise and everything else. I thoroughly enjoyed my solo trip. If you are in two minds for solo travel, then I would say just go for it! I am sure you will love it. Your safety will never depend on the city but on yourself all the time. Be vigilant, be careful and happy solo travels.

You can check my other blog post for travel tips to New York.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time in our hometown! New York is truly a magical place.

  2. Best Itinerary! This is going be very helpful to my trip next month to NYC! hope to complete all of these!

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