Back to Mysuru! – The Historical City 


We are so glad to be back to Mysuru (Earlier it was called as Mysore) after a really long time. It’s been one hell of a journey this past few months. I know I was away from my blog too for a very long time. I was stuck with packing and unpacking several times, shipping my stuffs back to Mysuru and weighing each item just so that I could take it back. Though I sold so much and discarded a few of them, I was really worried about my shipment.

Passport Drama

The last 72 hours before I boarded my flight to Mysuru, it was stressful, confusing and tense. I had lost my passport (accidentally put it in my shipment) and had a very tough time relocating it. Finally a guy helped us and shipped it back to us in time. I was just lucky to receive it on time. The journey was long as expected but it was peaceful. Praveen never allowed me to keep my passport with me 😝 He was worried that I will keep it so safely again😂 that I won’t find it even.

This is where my passport was safely packed into.

Sometimes you are just blank and these things happen, and as always Praveen will be as cool as ice all the time.

First Glimpse

As we landed in BIA (Bengaluru International Airport), we had to take a cab to Mysuru. We were on our work assignment in the US (if you don’t know we work full time for on of the leading Indian IT company) and very happy to see so much development and it felt so nice to be back in our country. But it’s obvious we missed US also. It is a major lifestyle change for Praveen. Now it is new beginnings and every thing we had to start from scratch. It was a little tough the starting two days to manage without money as our bank accounts were locked and phones weren’t working too.

Terminal 2 Mumbai
Happy us after reaching India

Slowly one by one we fixed each thing. We are still fixing a few things as I am writing this. I have fallen sick too in the mean time and feel extremely tired and weak.

So many new rules and procedures have changed here. We are slowly getting accustomed to each of it slowly. Praveen is on a long holiday and trying to get things to work as before. I started working full time after a break of 4 months! New faces, new beginnings and every thing new in our same old Mysuru city. The charm of this city is what differentiates this place and oh! Yea the best weather that we always took for granted. Not any more ! How much I craved for some sunny time and also no more checking the weather reports from time to time or worrying about a jacket !!

We shipped majority of our stuff back home. It was one hell of a experience to pack every single item and hoping every minute it will reach me carefully. We zeroed in on a shipment company – Universal Relocations after getting reviews from so many people. The shipment was done successfully from US and we were waiting every minute here in Mysuru. We opted for door to door delivery and we received our boxes safely and on time. I totally recommend them.

Receiving those boxes after months of waiting.

Settling on in Mysuru!

Iconic Mysuru Palace view at night

After four months, as I continue to write this post here, I feel so much relaxed to be back to Mysuru. No tension of cooking food or those dreadful thoughts of “what I will eat if I don’t find Vegetarian food?”. We shopped a lot of electronics and then the big headache of searching a rental house was ON for at least a month or two. Mysuru is all decked up for Dasara festival. I will write about the grandeur of Dasara celebrations in another blog post.To come home and relax in this beautiful weather with a cup of masala chai gives us both immense happiness. Back to my life here, and we also did travel to many places here already. I am waiting to share all that with you.

Spare me for not writing or updating a thing about us during all this time. It was a tough transition indeed. However, we are looking forward to share all of our adventures with you my dear friends. We are extremely glad that we are back to Mysuru.


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