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Different Hues of Lower Antelope Canyon

Spell bound, mesmerized and dreaming are the words that will come to you mind when you visit the Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ. We were at a loss of words when we had completed this tour. Everyone who wants to visit the Lower Antelope Canyon has to go via a tour. We are not allowed to explore on our own here. This Navajo land has lots to offer so don’t get disappointed by the tour tickets. They are worth your visit.

Things you would want to know —

The Debate Lower Antelope Canyon V/s Upper Antelope Canyon

This debate will forever go on and on, so make up your mind to which tour you would want to go. The lower one is known for different colors at different time of day! you every photo will be varying you will be amazed at the different shades of colors. Upper is more known for light beams and much wider than lower canyon. Both are run by different tribes and hence the price for each one also varies. Make up your mind if you are short on time and visit the one you like. If not, visit both of them, they are worth it. Keep at least an hour gap between the two canyon visits so you do not have to rush to reach the other spot. Both are close by, but if you first tour gets delayed it will be impacting the next one too.

1.Which tour to go with for the Lower Antelope Canyon?

We went through Ken’s Tour for Lower Antelope Canyon. There is another one called as Upper Antelope Canyon too, if you would like to visit. Go early as possible, as they close by 4.00 pm or so. Mid day is considered to be a good time for getting perfect photos.

2. Cost

Since we were there in the morning, we booked for the 10.00 am tour. It costed us around ~40-60$(2 people) for the general tour. Here you will not able to take a tripod inside. There is a separate tour known as Photography tour for that, with almost double the price.

The tour lasted for close to 1 hour and if it rains then the tours will be cancelled automatically.


Weather plays an important role. If you are planning to book your tickets in advance, make sure you check the weather thoroughly. If it gets cloudy then the tour would be automatically cancelled. I do not wish anyone of you travel so far and then have your tour cancelled.

4. Photography

The tour guide helped us with the camera settings and also gave a fish eye lens to use. So don’t worry if you are skeptical about the photo settings inside the slot canyons.

Click multiple photos in HDR mode if you have an iPhone, and you can always delete later if you do not need them. The tour guide will be telling you some amazing things too, hence you will not be having time to check your photos time and again.

Praveen is catching the sunlight. 😛 (The sun rays were sneaking in to the canyon and we decided to pose like catching the light beam)

For DSLR camera, it would be much better to click RAW Images than in jpeg format. So make sure you have enough space on SD Card for storage.

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5. What to wear ?

Wear comfortable clothes as you will need to walk a little bit in sand. Do not wear skirts, as it would get uncomfortable in climbing those steep metal steps and when you have to pass through the narrow canyons.

6. What is Not allowed in General tour?

Unlike Photography tour, you cannot get your tripods for clicking pictures. Selfie stick is allowed though.

7. What you will need in your backpack?

Get ample water, a bandana and get ready with all your camera gear.

8. Time Zone

The Navajo people do not follow the international time zone for daylight saving. Hence please make sure you check your time properly if you are booking it online.

9. Best time to visit

Though everyone says that June is the best time to visit, but it is also a bad time because of the huge crowds which you cannot avoid. We visited this in Mid – May when you have ample sunlight and more than anything it is highly dependent on weather on that particular day. At this time we had lesser people than the peak season, so we managed to get a solo pic without any one photo bombing it.

Photo Essay

We have compiled our favorite photos of Lower Antelope Canyon below for you. We had a hard time contemplating which photos are our best. Each shot portrays different colors due the angle and timing of sun’s rays. It was a truly magical experience for both of us.

You can see how tiny we are in comparison with the canyon.

Thank you for visiting! If you have any questions / suggestions / feedback you can comment below or send me an email. I would love to hear back from you.

Have a nice day!

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  1. It was a pleasure to view your photo essay and read your article. We also went with Ken’s tours and had an unfogettable experience. Arizona is so beautiful! Thank you for your valubale tips and especially your tip on photography.

  2. These are really amazing photos! I’m not surprised they make you pay more to take a full photography tour! I’d love to hike in Lower Antelope Canyon some day!

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