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3 day Itinerary for Los Angeles, California!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to the famous Hollywood. It always has nice warm weather and great scenic coastline. It is also one of the most happening cities of the USA.

 Praveen lived in Los Angeles for quite some time and I would fly to Los Angeles on most weekends to meet him. This meant that I mostly flew on Friday nights and had come back to Utah on Sunday afternoon. On one of the long weekends, we decided to explore Los Angeles. Otherwise we usually ended up on the beaches chasing sunsets and never really bothered to explore much as I just only a day’s time.

This was our itinerary for a quick getaway to Los Angeles.

1.Madame Tussauds

This was my first visit to this museum and Praveen had visited this twice before in Washington and New York. Los Angeles visit to Madame Tussauds was his third time. Los Angeles

Time required: ~2 – 3 hours

We had fun posing with all celebrities. It was cool. We also got our hands’ wax statue made there.

Los Angeles
We got our hands waxed!

2.Walk of Fame

This is one of the most famous sidewalks with five-pointed stars embedded in the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, California.

Time required: ~1 hour

Los Angeles
Walk of Fame sidewalk
Los Angeles
We had lunch in our favorite restaurant – The Cheesecake Factory @Beverly Hills, CA

3.Hollywood sign

Driving to Hollywood sign is bit difficult as the roads in BeachWood Canyon is narrow and it is a residential area. The boards are all confusing and it’s like a circle, you end up in starting point again and again. Instead of using the Hollywood Sign in Google Maps, use the Lake Hollywood Park. You can get amazing views of Hollywood sign without disturbing the locals.

Los Angeles
Hollywood Sign
  • Hike type: Easy walk. (as per individual interests) Or you can hike all the way up till the Hollywood Sign.(We did not do the hike)
  • Parking: Free parking across the street
  • Time Required: ~1/2 – 1 hour

Be kind to other travelers who would like to click pictures too.


  • Santa Monica Pier

We visited the Santa Monica Pier in the evening. It was fun and lively. Do get a light jacket as it gets windy.

Los Angeles
Santa Monica Pier
  • Parking: Paid Parking
  • Time required: Close to two hours if you want to try any rides.
  • Malibu Beach

Malibu is very touristy and crowded.

There is also a temple which we visited often during my visits to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles

  • Venice Beach and

Los Angeles
Venice Beach

Los Angeles

  • El Matador Beach

This is one of our favourite beaches on the West Coast. I loved the beaches at El Matador and this is further west of Malibu. The rocks makes it more unique and looks like a little cave. If the tides are low, you can go inside those little caves.

Los Angeles
This is our most favorite beach:)
  • Parking: Paid parking. Always crowded.
  • Time required: 1 hour is a good time
Los Angeles
A little cave (at least sort of!)
Los Angeles
Inside the cave, it was much cooler here.

Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles

Los Angeles

5.Drive North on Highway 1

If you go further north of Malibu you can drive on Highway 1 for quite some time to enjoy the view of the beaches and cliffs on the other side. They are all rocky and we totally love to drive that way maybe a little north of Ventura. If you continue to drive you will reach San Francisco. This is one of the most amazing road trips I have ever been on. So many things to do with spectacular views every time. Check out my blog post on Highway 1 Road trip here. In case you want to go South, then you will end in San Diego, one more beautiful destination of course. This is again famous for its beaches and its warm climate. You can check my blog post on San Diego here.

Los Angeles
There is a view point here.

Los Angeles

6.Disneyland and Universal Studios

We visited Disneyland and Universal studios in Orlando, FL and hence we never planned to visit this place here in Los Angeles. Book your tickets in advance so you can have more time inside the park.

7.Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is one of the cultural attractions here in Los Angeles offering spectacular views from the Pacific Ocean to Downtown Los Angeles. It is located on Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Skyline
Los Angeles
Griffith Observatory

Thank you for visiting! If you have any questions / suggestions / feedback you can comment below or send me an email. I would love to hear back from you.

Have a nice day!


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  1. Never heard of the beach but seems like an ideal relaxed itinerary, a far cry from the 24/36 hour ones we usually share 🙂 Will be bookmarking it for later.

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