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A Weekend Getaway to Princess of Hill Stations – Kodaikanal

South India has so many hidden gems and one of them is Kodaikanal – hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is located above 2133 meters (6998 ft) above sea level, is popularly known as Kodaikanal by the locals and also as Princess of Hill Stations. Praveen and I along with our friends drove to Kodaikanal for the Christmas weekend. It was a sudden plan and we were not sure until Friday evening whether will go or not.

Last Minute Planning for Kodaikanal:

We had booked our resort ( Lilly’s Valley Resort) earlier and other than that, we did not plan any thing else. It was a pretty one and the climate in Kodaikanal is too cold as compared to other parts of South India. Although it does not snow here, the cold is still manageable. During our visit, temperatures were between 9°C to 15°C (42°F to 59°F)

Our Resort for the weekend

At nights, we sat around the bon-fire and chit chatted until the wee hours. We were there for a total for 2 nights and 3 days. All Resorts/hotels don’t have heaters, please plan your clothing accordingly. AC is not needed in Kodaikanal anyway.

  • Kodaikanal Altitude : 2133 m (6998 Ft)
  • Temperature range: ~9C to 20C throughout the year.

Day 1: Driving to Kodaikanal from Mysuru

Driving to Kodaikanal, we took the Sathyamangala Forest Reserve – Kangyam – Palani – Kodaikanal. It was a total of 350kms one way and it easily took around 9 hours of driving. After the Sathyamangala Forest Reserve, we had to descend the mountain by taking 27 hairpin bends and after Palani again ascend the mountains with a good number of hairpin bends too. Drive was a little strenuous. I would recommend you to be highly efficient in driving if you planning to drive to Kodaikanal. Else there are bus and train services readily available.

We stopped at various places in between for photo clicks and breaks. Also, it was here in Kodaikanal we had one of the best tea ever. After checking in at our resort, we decided to walk till the downtown and explore the town of Kodaikanal. It is a hilly region and so i would recommend you to wear comfortable shoes else it would be really difficult to walk all around.

It was here we found a wonderful street tea shop. The person who prepared the tea or chai for us was really a nice man. The link to this tea shop is here. He gave us some nice inputs for eating dinner that day. He also served a complimentary lemon tea. We were in love with that one. It is here we saw those copper boilers they use for tea, a specialty here. This is what I love about traveling and exploring new places around me. We learn so many new things which we don’t often get these information in books. The person served us complimentary lemon tea reminded me there are so many wonderful people all around us.

Black tea – It was heaven my dears!

We tried to search for those restaurants he suggested us for dinner, but we were really tired to explore further. So we ended up ordering food from the hotel and spent time around the bon-fire that night. Once we also ordered Biryani from a nearby restaurant and it was totally crap and no where related to biryani. Our expectations fell drastically low.

Day 2: Exploring Kodaikanal

Since we spent long hours at the bon-fire the previous night and it being so cold in Kodaikanal, we woke around 10:00 am literally. the previous night I had to experience breathing issues and it was difficult for me to sleep at early mornings. I spent that time alone with Praveen and he did not even sleep after that. He was continuously watching me over.

1. Kodaikanal Lake

We got ready by 11:00 am and started towards the famous Kodaikanal Lake. Here we decided to go for boating and spent an hour in leisurely and just admiring the beauty all around. Have you ever heard of ice cream service in between Lake ? This happens in Kodaikanal Lake. There was  a guy selling ice cream near lake and he delivers ice cream while you are on boat.  We loved our kulfi and joyous rides in the boat.

Later, we decided to have lunch at Astoria Veg Hotel. The tea guy had recommended this hotel to us for Veg food. We ate the famous Kodai parotha and also took full meals. It was unlimited and we were all hungry as ever.

Then as we started towards to Pillar Rocks, but little did we know that it closes as early as 4:00 pm.

2. Upper Lake View Point.

Upper Lake View PointWe hardly spent around 10 minutes here. We clicked a few pics and started further.

3. Liril Falls

We had no idea we had to hike for this. why we chose this falls was in the 90’s a famous commercial was shot here for Liril Bathing soap. It was a part of our childhood and we wanted to check out the place. Since the road was blocked we were not allowed to go here. If you can, please visit and do send us the snaps, we would love to see this beautiful place.

4. Pine tree Forest

Pine trees literally touch the skies here.

This was an amazing drive through the forest. On both sides, we had these huge trees surrounding us and they were mesmerizing. Nature is truly so wonderful, it keeps amazing us all the time. We enjoyed walking among these pine trees and tried our famous jumping pic here.

5.Poomparai Village View

We drove further down the same road and there a family had built a wooden bridge to view the amazing Kodai beauty. the complete village if Poomparai was soaked in clouds and we literally felt them so near to us. The bridge was shaky but the views were worth all the risk we took to climb the bridge.

Day 3: Exploring Kodaikanal and Driving back to Mysuru

Unlike the previous day, we got ready early and left to visit a few places before we headed to Mysore.

6. Guna Caves

This was a small walk through the forest, to reach a view point. As it was too misty and covered by clouds throughout we did not get to see what was below. We met this guy here —

Quick Notes —

  • Total time required: ~45 minutes
  • Total distance: few hundred meters.
  • Parking: Available
  • Permits required: None
  • Entry: 20Rs per person and 20Rs for Camera

7. Pillar Rocks

We got to see this majestic view once the clouds cleared and gave way!

We were again greeted by the clouds here however we waited for few minutes to see this gorgeous beauty covered in mist and clouds. The structure was so majestic and tall, we got stunned on seeing this huge massive pillars.

Worth the visit and wait for a complete day.

Quick Notes —

  • Total time required: ~0.5 hour
  • Total distance: few hundred meters.
  • Parking: Available
  • Permits required: None
  • Entry: 5Rs per person and 20Rs for Camera

8. Silver Cascade Falls


This falls was on our way to Kodaikanal, but we decided to see this while driving back to Mysuru. It was right by the main road. It is a pretty huge falls and easily accessible to everyone, this is actually the Kodaikanal lake overflowing.

Quick Notes —

  • Total time required: ~20 minutes
  • Total distance: few hundred meters.
  • Parking: Available
  • Permits required: None
  • Entry: Free

After seeing this we headed back to our home sweet home in Mysuru.

If you have more time in Kodaikanal, do not miss the Dolphin’s Nose Point for  its scenic views.

Thank you for visiting! If you have any questions / suggestions / feedback you can comment below or send me an email. I would love to hear back from you.

Have a nice day!

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