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A Quick Hike to Hidden Falls, Utah

Hidden Fall in Utah

We wanted to go on a short easy hike and so we decided to check out Hidden falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Hidden Falls is such a small and family friendly hike that anyone could do it. Big Cottonwood Canyon is the first one to be closed along the Belt route due to snow, so please check if Big Cottonwood Canyon is open before you decide to go.

Directions –

Hidden Falls is located at the north side of the S-curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon. As you take the Belt route, take exit 6 for 6200 S/Wasatch Blvd and drive approximately 4.4 miles on UT-190.

Big Cottonwood Canyon
Driving through Big Cottonwood Canyon

Make sure to slow down at the S-curve else you may miss this spot. There are two parking lots here one upper and other one is on the lower side.

There is a board for “Mil B North Fork Trail” in the Upper parking lot which is usually hidden too because of the trees there. Wherever you park either in the upper or the lower parking lots, you would need to cross the upper parking lot in order to cross the road to reach the other side.

I have clicked this picture from the top before crossing the road. You can see the cars parked in upper parking lot behind the bushes and trees.
Cross the road and go through the small passage towards Hidden Falls
To the left side you will see the stream

Hidden Falls –

The falls is really hidden inside the woods. There is a rocky trail with wooden steps towards the right side after you cross the roads. Don’t follow that, instead cross the stream using the wooden logs on your left side.

Hidden Fall in Utah
While crossing the stream
Mil B North trail
Exploring the left side of the stream!

First time I came here with Praveen was in Fall season and absolutely no water was present. See the below picture when I went there for the first time. We did not do any crossing instead we could walk up straight on the rocks itself.

Hidden Falls in utah
No water was there during the Fall season.

Second time we visited this place with our friends in Spring and water was in full force. We did cross the stream to reach the other side and went further a little up towards the fall. From here you can also see a little fenced door of an abandoned mine and we could not go up till there as the water was too cold and it was in full force.

Hidden Falls in Utah

Hidden Fall in Utah
Hidden Falls is actually hidden !

Quick Notes-

  • Hike type: Easy kid friendly hike. This is heavily trafficked trail as “Mil B North Fork Trail” leads to many other trails.
  • Total time required to hike comfortably: Less than 1/2 hour
  • Total distance: ~0.3 mile RT
  • Dogs: Not allowed as Big Cottonwood canyon is watershed for Salt Lake City.
  • Kid friendly: Yes
  • Best time: Spring or Summer season – Open year round (I have been in Fall and Spring)
  • Washrooms: Not available
  • Parking: Free parking available at the S-curve(upper and lower parking lots)

If you decide to go straight without stopping the S-curve towards North then you can hike the famous Donut Falls. I have been really unlucky each time I decided to hike this trail as it was always closed due to snow. All along the way you get a stream running parallel to your right side and you can stop by for some pretty pictures.

Sunset on the way back

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