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Bonneville Salt Flats


Praveen and I always planned to visit the Salt flats for a very long time. There was some or the other reason every time and so we skipped going there altogether. During Christmas break, we hadn’t planned anything much. We both were tired from setting up our home. It was the end of our very long distance relationship and finally it was the start of living with each other. So we had decided to bake a Christmas cake for the occasion, a traditional Christmas cake.

The very next day after Christmas we decided to visit Salt flats. It was late afternoon like 2.00 pm MDT. That’s when we got ready in a jiffy and started on our way to Wendover. We took the Inter-State I-15 N and then I-80 W. Bonneville Salt Flats are located close to Nevada East Border. We drove till Wendover, the last town on western border of Utah. The drive was amazing.

Symmetry is beautiful. Isn’t it ?

Once you reach I80 W, there is a view area for Antelope Island. You can stop for a quick break. It was bright and sunny throughout… huge vast barren lands made our way and as we approached Wendover, we saw salt on the sides of the road… and pretty much everything was white. While driving to Wendover, you do come across a tall odd structure called Metaphor: The tree of Life created by a Swedish Artist in 1988. There is a small fence around it. Though I don’t have a proper picture of it, it’s something stayed in my mind. It was unique though.

Metaphor: The tree of Life

After almost to 30 minutes we reached the salt flats.After the exit you take at I80W, the roads aren’t paved or well maintained. Do not get confused or go back. You still need to drive ahead approximately 4 miles to reach the actual destination. We clicked so many pictures.

We reached finally.

Apart from us, there was a group of boys who were trying to balance on the salts. As it was winter, we could not walk comfortably on the salt flats. There was lot of water content and ice everywhere too.

the beautiful mountains and the sun was setting.

The weather was close to -13C that day. You get better balance when you visit them in Summer.

Just posing
We try to capture this jumping pose wherever we go.

We watched the beautiful sunset. It was the most enchanting part. We managed to try silhouettes this time.

Trying a silhouette.

If you are interested in Speed racing this is the place to be. The festival is conducted sometime mid-August every year. I haven’t been to the festival but I am sure it’s exciting enough.


We spent a total of 2 hours here. Note that there are no restrooms. The nearest you can get is when you exit the I80W. It was fun and enjoyable outing.

Thank for visiting! If you have any questions / suggestions / feedback you can comment below or send me an email. I would love to hear back from you.

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