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Hello Everyone!

I want to thank you first, for taking time out to visit my blog. I am Priya(Pinks) and he is Praveen (my weird half). The main aim of this blog is keep your travel and art bug alive even though you have a full-time job and constantly on the move.

When people ask me which place I belong to? I seriously don’t have an answer to this question. I was born in Bangalore and raised in Mumbai. I have lived in various places all over India – Thrissur, Udupi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Mysore. Have spent considerable time in Karkarla and Mangalore too. I have also lived in Miami and Salt Lake City in USA. I have spent a good time in Los Angeles(L.A.) when Praveen was working in L.A. This doesn’t stop here as we are always on the move.

I love to travel and I have finally learnt to let go of too many clothes that I always hoarded unnecessarily. I am basically a no-makeup person so usually in all posts you will always find me the natural way. I finished my engineering and secured a job 5 months later in one of the MNC that I still work for. It’s my full-time job that I am proud of. All along the way since childhood, I nurtured my passion for drawing and painting whenever I could. I was more of a tomboy who found more happiness in soccer than the kitchen sets.

After securing a job and settling in the new place - Mysore, most of the time I spent travelling in and around Mysore with my friends. About two years later, when few got transferred, some left for better opportunities, few got onsite etc. I was left alone with hardly few people. This was the time I started thinking and that when I enrolled myself in a drawing class 12kms away from my home. It was difficult for me to travel so far as I would change two buses and had to walk a mile at least. But I never quit, I dabbled in various art forms – Coffee painting, Oil painting, pencil sketching(I hardly practice this one now), Warli painting, Patachithra, Tanjore painting, Acrylic painting among others. I also tried and learnt various arts & crafts – Quilling, Jewelry making, Polymer Clay, Beading and a few other like punch craft and baking. As this went to on be a consistent part of my life, I also traveled as much as I could. Here are some of my works when I owned an online jewelry and art store.

(Clockwise from top left) Beach acrylic painting on a canvas, Buddha Oil painting on Canvas, Coffee painting of white lilies on canvas, A lion face doodle with Sharpie pens and pencil sketch of the face.
(Clockwise from top left) Quilled handmade jhumkas, Bracelet and earrings - beaded with glass beads and metal spacers, A jewelry neck piece made up of orange agates and matching pendant to match the saree for an engagement celebrations.
(Clockwise from top left) A Madhubani painting on handmade paper, Colored pencil sketch of a boy and girl, Handmade quilled frame for a birthday , Paper punch-craft technique on a handmade frame, Handmade paper pendant with Swaroski stone in center and rhinestones.

I moved to Miami, FL after I got married to my weird half. I spent 3 months doing absolutely nothing but travelling. This is when I realized I love travelling and love to keep moving. In the meantime, he pushed me to explore Miami on my own, by using public transport. Trust me public transport sucks in Miami. I would wait for almost an hour sometimes for the buses. Apart from this I dabbled in teaching myself baking and learning to sculpt polymer clay. I absolutely fell in love with it.

Miami Skyline

After that I moved back to India, I got the opportunity to work abroad and like every other Indian who is an engineer (An Indian would know what I mean) I moved back to US but this time it was South western US; Utah to be precise. Praveen was still in Miami at that time and later shifted to L.A. I fulfilled my dream of living solo in a new country, I know this sounds crazy!

Utah is a hidden gem, there are so many parks, national monuments. Praveen and I have traveled Utah as much as we could. Utah still keeps surprising us.

We also try hard to celebrate all Indian festivals as much as we can. This is a picture of Diwali 2016 (festival of lights) in our UT home.
We also try hard to celebrate all Indian festivals as much as we can. This is a picture of Diwali 2016 (festival of lights) in our UT home.

There are a few places that I traveled and explored solo in UT. Praveen by this time got transferred to Los Angeles, CA, a very big thank you to his Miami boss. We owe him a lot and we are so grateful for what he has done for us.

Therefore, this also meant lot of travelling back and forth from Los Angeles and Salt Lake City almost like every two weeks and sometimes weekly. Every time I paid a huge amount like at least 300$ for flight tickets then booking hotels, rental cars left a hole in my pocket. That when I decided to try travel hacking and budget travelling. This also meant meeting each other in Vegas every alternate visit. Yes, you heard it right. Vegas is all blingy for sure but I did explore Vegas very differently and it was a common meeting place for both of us. Sometimes I even traveled to Vegas for 19$ only by flight. After exploring California, Nevada, Utah, some parts of Idaho and Wyoming we both decided to jot down our travel memories and all of our road trips. This is how this blog has come into existence. We have tried our best in documenting every detail of our trips. I would also like to write in future about how to travel in low-budget (Ah! That doesn’t mean you have to be homeless and hungry) and  want to show you it’s easy to travel cheap even in a short time notice.

Thanks one and all for being so patient and reading my story. Like all others, I have not sold all of my heart and soul for travelling. I save certain part of my income for travelling from my full-time job. I also take commissioned orders on handmade customized jewelry, paintings and design personalized frames for gifting. This I do only when I am in India. This works for me and helps in pursuing my crafty dream too.

This is our journey (Praveen and I) which we trying to balance both sides. We have learnt our lessons too and constantly learning. We do not want you to commit the same mistakes as we did.

Thank you very much for reading BackpacknBrushes,

- Priya and Praveen